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I woke up today, nursing the back that decided to send shooting pains throughout my body for no good reason, and had a message on my phone from one of my friends.

The message was:

“Hey friend…What a cool way to start the day = seeing your friend on the list of hot photographers: YOU ROCK girlfriend!!”

Tell me that isn’t the BEST way to start the day and a great remedy for an ailing back! Thanks Lisa!! Turns out that someone, thank you to whoever you were, recommended me for pregnancy and family photography on the San Rafael Mother’s Club Photography listing. So awesome!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The other exciting thing to share, although I have to admit I’m a bit embarrassed at the same time for reasons I’ll explain later, is that I was featured in the uber-cool Utterly Engaged E-Zine!! I had been contacted a while back by the mag when they were just starting up. They’ve put out three issues and it’s full force ahead. They were running an issue on eco-friendly wedding ideas and loved my “Earth” line of albums. They asked if I would contribute some information to the magazine as well as something for their launch party as a giveaway. It didn’t work out for the party but I did offer a $250 coupon that in the article was titled, “Enter The FMN Giveaway!”. (I thought they ran the giveaway as a separate listing. I seriously had NO idea they ran the article)

Well, here’s the embarrassing part. I looked at their table of contents to see what wound up running in their issue and didn’t see anything about Forget Me Not Design. I was busy and didn’t take the time to flip through the magazine. THAT WILL TEACH ME!” I thought they ran the giveaway and that was that.

I wound up having a moment to myself on Monday and imagine my surprise when I was flipping through the magazine, there was a four page article on FMN. I felt like a total loser. Not only didn’t I see the article but I never thanked them. until yesterday of course, for running it!! Well, better late than never I always say. I promptly sent out a tweet via Twitter and an email letting them know my embarrassing faux pas and thanking them for such a wonderful piece. AND, there was a winner from the contest (that I did know about) who’s getting married in March of 2010. Congratulations Tasha, I can’t wait to design your beautiful album!

Thank you to both the anonymous recommendation for my photography through the San Rafael Mother’s Club and to Utterly Engaged for such a beautiful feature article. Here is a snapshot of the article and some of my favorite shots of bellies and babes. You can visit the magazine from the link above to see more of their beautiful online publication at your leisure.











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