In Bloom

About two months ago, maybe three, I bought a couple of bulbs to plant in two pots in our backyard. I thought it would be neat for the boys to watch something grow. I actually really wanted to see them grow, having never planted a bulb before, but the boys are always a good excuse for something like that.

We had stopped by Sloat, one of my favorite nursery’s, so that I could pick up more Forget Me Not seeds. While in the store, I saw a huge bulb display. I looked at the different packages and found that they had one of my favorite flowers, the dahlia. They are so beautiful. I think it’s a combination of the shape and the amount of petals that make just one single flower. The symmetry, the perfection, the color. Really, anything that has “many” to it, intrigues me. Many layers and intricate details. That’s what I love.

Well, our first flower from one of the bulbs fully bloomed today. It brought a smile to my face to look at it and I can’t wait for the other buds to open and amaze me as well.

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