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I Can Hardly Believe My Eyes

It’s taken a few days to sink in. It’s one of those things that I’m not sure how it happened so I haven’t fully embraced it yet. I made a vision board a few weeks ago and on the board I pasted a picture of the new Canon 5D Mark II. It was more of a wish than anything else but I figured if I’m coaching other people to be outrageous, then I should do the same. Right?!

Well, all I know is that I’m sitting here holding the Canon 5D Mark II in my hands. It. Is. AMAZING!! It’s the result of some hard work on both mine and Matt’s part and an itchy trigger finger on the order button that belonged to Garrett. The combination of the three resulted in the manifestation of a camera. WOW.

Someone once said it’s the photographer not the camera who makes the pictures and I agreed at the time. Now, I’m rethinking just a bit. This could be a case where it’s more about the camera and not so much about the photographer. Well, maybe just a little. wink wink.

Here are the first shots fired with our new baby. Now, we just have to agree on a new strap. Nothing too girly but with a little pizazz. Oh, and time to make a new vision board!

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Utterly Awesome

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