Graduation and the Start of Summer

Mason attended pre-school this year and unlike most, it closes for the summer. It’s at the local community center so there are camps and events during the summer that prevent the pre-school from staying open. So, even though we haven’t officially hit “school age” I’m in the cycle of summer vacation. I can see that this time of year is going to take on a whole new meaning. I’m now beginning to understand why my sister would call me near the end of August singing and dancing over the phone because school was about to start. She still calls me on that first day of school, happy as a clam, telling me how it’s her favorite day of the year. I think I’m starting to see why. 😉

Today is the first day of the start of summer vacation. Thankfully the day is planned out for me since my mom was visiting and we need to take her to the airport today. That’s a few hours right there. Then there will be a Target stop for new shoes because every time I look down, Mason’s feet are squeezing into the new shoes I just bought him. 😉

But, all of this is to share the photographs from the “Graduation” of Mason’s class. He can’t attend Kindergarten yet because you need to be 5 by a certain time, but because of his ability to relate to older children, he was in the 4’s class this year. What that means is that his class with the exception of Mason, graduated and is moving on to Kindergarten. I can’t complain because I LOVE his teachers and Susan who is the head teacher of the school is absolutely amazing. She is so sweet and kind, artistic and loving. I can’t think of a better place for Mason to be as an introduction to school.

I want to thank all of the parents who I’ve become friends with over this past year. We moved to San Rafael in September of last year and each and every person I met through the Marinwood Morning School made our transition easier. Not only has Mason made wonderful friends through his class but I have as well. We will miss you as you move onto Kindergarten but for those of you going to Mary Silveira, we live just down the street!

So, here are some photo’s of the big night. When Mason was given the choice to either watch the graduation or participate, he chose to participate, of course!


His teacher Debbie.

His teacher Susan. We love you!

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