Graduation and the Start of Summer

It’s official, summer is here. Mason had his last day of school Friday!

I think this past week was one of those times that I went into denial about a lot of things. My baby growing up, how my mom is doing in Arizona by herself, my sister and the craziness in her world, my business, everything! I just existed and the next thing I knew it was the weekend. Now, school is out, and I don’t think I have enough energy to entertain my two boys for the next how many weeks?! Thank goodness for Martyna (our nanny) and camps!

The biggest piece of denial I’ve been facing was Mason graduating preschool. I had friends last year who had children moving into Kindergarten and some of them were pretty emotional about it. I hate to admit it but every once in a while I had the thought, “Really?, is it THAT big of a deal?”. It’s a good thing I kept those thoughts to myself, I’ve learned over the years to try not to point fingers at other parents, you never know how it’s going to turn out for yourself with your own kids and this was one of those times when I could have never have known how I would feel until I was right there, standing at the edge of that diving board holding Mason’s little hand getting ready to jump.

Why is it such a big deal? Why am I in denial over the fact that he’s going to Kindergarten next year? Because the school is big. Much bigger than any school he’s ever attended. There are a LOT of children who are there and his class is three times the size of the one he’s in now, let alone the fact that there are three, maybe four classes of Kindergardeners this year. He has to be completely independent in the bathroom. If he needs help, there won’t be anyone there. He’s going to need to be responsible for so much more than he’s ever had to be. The other thing that struck me was all of the bigger kids and their parents and all of the people just wandering around and being at the school at different times. All of the people that I don’t know. Have no idea who they are, what they’re about and they all are near my little Mason! THAT was what freaked me out. Why graduating preschool became such a bid deal.

The thing that comforts me and that I try to remember when I start breathing too quickly at the thought of what’s ahead, is Mason. He’s going to be o.k. He knows how to ask for what he needs. He’s not shy. He’ll be just fine. It’s Mason!

Here are a few photo’s of the little graduate in his cap and gown. Oh, he’s so cute and so grown up!! 😉

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