Friday Inspiration – Mother Earth

While we were on vacation last week down south, we were able to spend one day at the beach. We were with some old friends who took us to a beautiful little beach in Encinitas called Moonlight State Beach. It was a beautiful day, the waves were crashing, the boys were playing and I couldn’t help but enjoy the warm ocean breeze.

I decided to walk along the water’s edge for a bit and as I was walking I couldn’t help but notice all of the rocks. They were everywhere. Not small rocks but nice, palm sized rocks and larger. Ones that would fit solidly in your hand, smooth, round and beautiful. Some of the rocks were lodged in the sand and others were tumbling after the water as it ran from and receded back into the ocean. As I was walking and looking at these beautiful rocks I started to notice their colors. I was drawn at first to the beautiful red rocks that I was seeing and then noticed purple. I started picking them up one at a time looking for my favorite and most round rock. I was only planning on taking one as a memory of our time on Moonlight Beach. That changed as I started noticing so many rocks that I felt were my favorite. There were red rocks, purple and then I saw green. My brain was processing what I was seeing and in awe of Mother Nature. In awe of God. How beautiful these rocks were, and so colorful. There was a rainbow on the beach if you took the time to see it.

I have been studying about our chakras over the last few months and realized I could collect all 7 colors of the chakras with these rocks. I now found myself on a mission, excited to find the most intensely colored rocks that fit nicely in the palm of my hand.

I’m not sure how I’m going to use/display these stones now that they’re home but I have a couple of ideas. When Miles came out of the water and sat freezing on our towel I gave him a large, sun heated rock to hold. It was to help warm his little body and it worked. It gave me the idea that I could work with these stones. Heat them and lay them on my body over their related chakra to help tune and open the centers.

I still can’t quite believe that I found these on the beach. Just sitting there, either buried in the sand or waiting to be washed away into the vast, dark ocean. After I collected the stones I said a prayer of thanks to God and Mother Earth for this beautiful creation and for allowing me to take them to a new home with a new view.

When I recently was talking to Mason about the chakras, before our trip, I was describing their colors and where they are located in our bodies. He looked up at me, became really wide-eyed and filled his lungs with air. He blurted out, “Mommy! I have a rainbow inside of me!!” Yes my darling, each and every one of do. We just need to take the time to see it.


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