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Friday Inspiration – Mason

You looked at me yesterday and told me that you think 7 is going to be a good year. When I asked you why, you told me because you’re listening more and you just think it’s going to be good. Truth is, you’re growing up. It’s true. I’ve told you to stop, to just stay put right where you are, but you’re growing up.

It’s a beautiful and crazy thing to see.

If someone had told me years ago, when I didn’t want to have any children, that someday there would be a little boy who would capture my heart they way you have, I probably would have laughed. I couldn’t have imagined what today would be like. Today, when I look at you, I feel such deep awe and wonder at who you are.

I think you’re big. Not big like the tallest boy in your class, but big like you have a presence. You have a spirit that is large in this world. Your birthday this year is proof of this. You, are someone who loves presents. LOVES presents. In fact, this year you asked us for many smaller gifts instead of fewer more expensive ones because you love the process of receiving gifts so much. But, and this is so amazing, you were willing this year to give up some of those gifts for a greater cause.

As you’re growing up and learning more about the world you live in, you’re seeing that there are things that happen to people, animals and the planet that aren’t so wonderful. You especially noticed that the animals are suffering in parts of the world and you took a special interest in this. So much so that you did two amazing things. One, you adopted a whale in honor of your class for your birthday. Instead of bringing treats to share or a goodie bag filled with “stuff”, you educated your classmates about whales and how they’re suffering in the world. The entire class loved this and so did your teacher. So awesome.

Then, we had a small party for you with a Star Wars theme and it was so much fun. For the people you invited to your party, you asked them for either a gift or for money to help save these animals. Specifically the dolphins, whales and sharks. You felt strongly enough about helping something other than yourself that you were willing to give up receiving some gifts. I was told by some of the moms of your friends that they don’t even know many adults who would do that.

I have to say, we like who your friends are Mason. Who you’re choosing to spend your time with. They’re all good boys who are fun and nice to be around. Thanks to your Godmother, your wonderful friends and their parents who believe in you and your hope to help the sea creatures, you raised $76.15. This is because of who you are. How amazing is that??!!

Here is a link to the movie I put together from the party to capture some of the fun that we had.

Mason, I love you. I’m in awe of you and I’m so proud of you.

I definitely think 7 is going to be a GREAT year.

Happy Birthday my great big hearted 7 year old!

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