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FMN Design is a Vendor on Project Wedding!

Have any of you heard of Project Wedding? It’s a great site that helps make the whole wedding process simple. You can look up vendors in every category, including me! Since album design is a fairly new market in the industry, it’s a bit dodgy finding me. As soon as we have ten album design companies on the site, they’ll give us our own category.

So, for now, I’m listed in the “Other” category but I’ll take it! I’m #74 to be exact. One of my clients was sweet enough to recommend me as well. She wrote such wonderful things on my page that it made me blush. Thanks Kristy!

I hope that you check out the site. Take a look around and you never know what you might find. They have vendors that offer everything from custom made wedding dresses, stamps, help finding a wedding site, photographers, cake decorators, coordinators, invitations, hair and make-up, jewelry, dance lessons, videographers, officients and yes “others” which include me, your personal custom album designer!!

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