Fabulous Trio + Beautiful Mom | Marin County Family Photographer

I had the incredible opportunity to photograph this mom and her three children. She wanted to create some new memories to display on the walls of her home. It had been some time since their last photo shoot and it was time to update! I just love this age. You can still see that they’re little but you can also see the young adult that they are becoming. It’s like twilight….the just between. My favorite.


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  • Anna Machado-Wang
    May 3, 2017 at 4:16 am 

    Hi Laura,

    This is your old friend Anna Machado writing you to see if it’s possible to have a photo shoot for myself and my husband and son, Anthony….. Maybe you could fit us in your schedule sometime in mid June.

    Let me know when you are available.

    My cell phone is 408 829-5378.

    Anna Machado-Wang

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