During The Down Time

When I’m photographing a family, on location and out and about, down time isn’t something that happens. I usually have to create some by going to my camera bag and fiddling around a bit so that I can allow the family to just be with each other for a bit. I like the moments that are created during that time and I get some of my favorite photographs because of it.

After doing some research about photographing a newborn I learned that there would be down time. Time for the baby to eat, to change the diaper etc. Knowing this made the process easier and allowed me to spend a little time focusing on the rest of the family.

Because I set the “studio” up in our great room the kids had access to all of our toys. Both children gravitated to the musical instruments and picked up both the ukulele and the guitar. I thought I would share a few of those images to show what our “down time” was like.

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10 Days Old

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