Day To Day

I’m in the motion of my day to day life, with the added element of mom. It’s not as, (I can’t even find the right word to describe,) alarming, no…dis-jointed? maybe, than I thought it was going to be. I know that it hasn’t even been a week and I’m sure we’re on a roller coaster like Space Mountain where I can’t even see what’s coming, but the interesting thing about it is that, it’s almost forcing me to behave in a way that I’ve longed to be for quite some time. In the moment. Right there, wherever I am, and just be.

I’m happy with how my family is adapting. My husband, who I think is the biggest rock star of husbands, has taken all of this in stride. He’s done things for my mom that I didn’t even think to do which shows both his love for me and for my mom which only makes me love him more. Mason is beside himself with excitement and joy that Grandma is here. He can’t wait to get home to see her. He’s the first to want to bring her anything she needs. (They’re building Lego’s right now in her bed and listening to them is super cute.) Miles eased right into her being her too. We were a little worried since he didn’t know her that well, but he’s a big fan of Grandma’s. Biggest fan number 2, right behind Mason.

I think I’ve been on hyper drive since she’s been here. Up and taking care of 9 million things before 10am. A friend commented today that she was concerned that I might burn out at the rate I’m going. I actually called my sister, who if I didn’t know was my sister I would say was related to the Tasmanian Devil, and asked if she spiked anything I ate with a chunk of cocaine while I was visiting because I haven’t stopped moving since I left. She of course just laughed and said I must have been infused with some of her energy since I stayed with her in her bed on my overnight. I’m torn between just going with this crazy spurt of energy and seeing what miracles I can create or just dropping to my knees and waiting for it to pass!

But seriously, in answer to Christine who’s concerned for my well being, I am, as I said at the beginning, being right where I am in the moment. So today, when I was at the park with the boys, I was there, fully, completely and enjoyed every minute of it. I sat in the sun and soaked in the rays. I listened to the laughter and I didn’t look at my crackberry once. O.K. maybe once, and I relaxed.

I ask this now in seriousness, please, anyone who reads this who hangs out with me, remind me of this when I forget and appear to be a crazy woman running herself ragged. I can see it now, no make-up, stained clothes, bag full of everything slung over my shoulder and too bad I don’t need to curl my hair because a good set of rollers would make that look complete! Not a pretty sight for anyone involved! So, to save my children and Matt the horror of a crazed lunatic living in their house yelling at them and telling them what to do every minute, please remind me to just breath now and again. That everything will get done in due time and that 2 isn’t too early to have a nice glass of wine!

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