We Can See Eye To Eye …

We can see eye to eye….right now!

(I wish I could remember who it was that suggested this. If it’s you and you’re reading this, comment below to take the credit!!)

Everything changes and moments pass and what I love about photography is that you can actually stop time for an instant. Whatever’s happening freezes to be viewed and remembered eternally. It’s quite remarkable.

So the suggestion my brilliant (unnamed) friend made was that I have a photo shoot with Mason while he is my exact height. The likelihood that he will stay that hight is slim to none and just how quickly he might sprout up to be taller than me is unknown. Such a brilliant idea. There are things that happen that if we miss them….we miss them and there’s no going back! I knew I wanted to make this photoshoot happen but it was going to be challenging. Schedules and summer activities are in full swing. I knew it was now or never and I grabbed both Mason and Matt last night and made it happen.

During the shoot these memories of his little baby self curled up next to me in bed, where I would just stare at him for hours watching him breath and look around, came flooding back. Every little thing he did as a baby was a miracle. Now, as I stood eye to eye with this young man I realized I can still stare at him in awe and wonder of the miracle he is right now.

We recently wrestled in the living room. I can’t remember how or why it started but I was able to pin him down and keep him from moving. I think he was a bit surprised that I had it in me. Especially since we’re now the same size! But I did! He asked me to wrestle again the other day. I’m sure my time to be the one pinning is numbered. I should probable take him up on it soon and get one more good pin in 😉

Thank you to my wonderful husband for snapping away and capturing these awesome memories for us. It’s a fleeting moment but we’ll have these beautiful shots forever!



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