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Christmas is upon us and I can feel the excitement building each day when Mason and Miles come down the stairs to see our tree. Matt and I have been adding presents each night as they’re wrapped. Not the ones from us but the gifts from Nana and Papa, the cousin draw names and for Matt and myself. There aren’t that many gifts but I can tell you that Mason knows each and every one. This is the first year that he’s taken to shaking the presents. He’s already convinced that there’s at least one LEGO set and a Bionicle under the tree with his name on it. He knows the books but he’s stumped by the two pack dvd. Ha!

This year Christmas has felt a bit magical. I think it has to do with the boys getting older but not too old. Santa is as real as he can be, in fact we mailed their letters to the North Pole today. Mason and Miles put them in the mailbox themselves. They’re getting to be such big boys!

There’s something else this year that I haven’t been able to put my finger on until now. I think what I’m feeling is an underlying glimmer of hope. Hope for a better future, a better tomorrow. Hope that things will actually turn around with our economy and that people will find value in conversation and spending time with friends and family over spending money on unneeded things.

I also have hope that all of the time and energy I’ve been putting into this business will produce great things, and, in light of that hope, I have some fantastic news that I’m eager to share. Forget Me Not Design has been included in a list of 11 album companies featured in an article in Bride’s Magazines 16 local editions. Chicago was the first to hit stands and I’m giddy with excitement. The rest will filter out across the country at different times of the year. This is a crazy wonderful Christmas present for sure!

What’s really crazy is that out of the 11 companies listed, 6 don’t work with the general public and 2 are DIY companies. That leaves 3 companies that are listed who work with the general public to create albums. THREE! and FMN Design is one of them. I think I’m doing a happy dance pretty much everywhere I go these days. What a way to end 2009 and begin 2010. I can’t thank Be Inspired PR enough for all of their hard work and faith in my business. Those girls ROCK!

I’ll end this post with the intro paragraph of the magazine spread. (FMN is one of the “specialty custom artisans” mentioned.) Woohooooo!!!!

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