Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Some people live by the rule that bigger is better. I know Mason still thinks this way every time we walk down the Lego aisle at Target. But, I’ve recently discovered that with an album, this isn’t necessarily the case.

Sure with a 10×15 album you get ooo’s and aaaaah’s from everyone who sees it. And from the people that pick it up and hold it you get the ever desired jaw drop. The look on their face of utter disbelief at how HUGE and impressive the book is. They hold it and lift their arms up and down to really feel the weight. All of that is great and exactly what I want when showing an album to a client but, there is something sweet about the smaller album. Something intimate and personal. It draws out a totally different reaction from people and I love it.

Amy and Tucker had a beautiful wedding. It was photographed by GB Photographers and again, they did a stunning job. This wedding was a while back, but as I’m finding with a number of the people who are inquiring for albums, it took a while to let the sparkly dust of the wedding festivities to settle before being able to focus some attention on other things like a wedding album.

When Amy told me they had ordered an 8×10 album I was excited because with an album of that size, you truly need to pick the highlights of the day. My favorite albums to design are the one that aren’t filled with a hundred photographs but with a select few that feature the special moments of the event. The ones that make you feel like you’re right there in the moment, kissing, smiling, celebrating the wonderful union of two spirits coming together. Selecting those photographs is what I love to do and Amy and Tucker allowed me the freedom to do just that.

The result is a beautiful, intimate wedding album that has become my new favorite. I love holding it in my hands. I love that I can just wrap my arms around it and hold it close. ( I wish I had taken a photo of that before shipping it out!) This is the Orchid album that I offer and although this particular book (Amy and Tucker) is leather, there are many colors of cloth available as well. You can even do a split-tone cover where you can use a combination using leather on the spine and a fabric in the color of your wedding for the cover. How cool is that?!

Stay tuned in the upcoming months for some exciting options that I’m going to be offering with this album. I can hardly contain myself with my excitement and it’s all I can do not to let the cat out of the bag. BUT, I’m not quite ready to launch so you’ll just have to keep coming back to find out!

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