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There have been a handful of events in my life that I have felt that I was called to do by a force bigger than myself. God, my higher self, both, I don’t know. Events like traveling to Thailand for New Years of 2000, moving home to spend time with my father while he was dying, going to Burning Man in 2005.

This trip, this trip to Michigan to spend time with Matt’s parents, this was one of those times.

The visit was perfect. I really couldn’t have asked for more. Three weeks to spend enjoying summer and family. The only thing I would have changed, was for Matt to have been able to stay the whole three weeks.

The main motivation of the trip was to spend time with Nana and Papa. With Matt’s dad having ALS, there is a desire to have our boys spend as much time with him as possible, while he’s still able to communicate and move around in his chair. I have a strong wish for my boys to know their Papa, to talk with him and to spend time doing things with him. Maybe it comes from my never knowing my grandfathers. They both died before I was born. I always felt like that piece of me was missing. I want my boys to know their grandparents as much as possible. I knew that this summer would be a perfect time to make that happen. Life could be on hold for a bit, I could take a small break from work and spend part of our summer in Michigan with family.

Week one was spent at Matt’s parents house. Their home is honestly a little slice of paradise and I feel so blessed and lucky to have the chance to spend time there with them. The house is a beautiful three story home on the perfect corner of the lake. The backyard is a huge hill of grass with a dock, a speed boat, a pontoon, small sail boat and seedoo. All just waiting for someone to take them on the water. The neighbors have a paddle boat and kayaks that they graciously loan out any time. There is a raft to swim to when you feel like it and an overall feeling of summertime that overwhelms me when I’m there.

We definitely got some good time in with Nana and Papa as well as with some of the cousins and Aunts and Uncles over the 4th of July weekend. And for a bonus, Matt’s grandparents came for a visit while we were there. It’s so unbelievable cool for the boys to know their Great Grandparents. They are the best, I love them deeply and it’s always so good to see them.

The first week flew by but was as wonderful as I had hoped. The boys were able to water ski with Matt which was awesome. This was the third year for Mason and Matt decided to drop a ski with him this time around. Seeing them single ski together was amazing. After watching his brother jump in the water, Miles wanted a turn and at 3 years old, was in the water, skiing with Matt. Unbelievable! They were also able to fish on the dock, sail, kayak, swim, play and just be boys.

Matt was only able to spend that first week with us. We had to pack him up and drive him to the airport which was a sad day. But, we were headed off to our own adventure that day. A tour of the cousins houses around Michigan. A chance for us to go to each of Matt’s siblings houses for some one on one time. A rare treat that was so great. (I’ll post about those trips later.)

It’s funny, when I tell people that I spent three weeks in Michigan they always ask twice if I was at my in-laws house. I think it’s a rare blessing that I enjoy them so much. I just love being with all of them. Matt comes from a wonderful family, all close and all loving. And even in the face of conflict, which is a rare thing among them, it is faced with love, respect and kindness with God as the foundation. I. Am. Blessed. to be a part of it all.

Sign. I miss having my morning tea overlooking the lake and going to sleep to the buzz and light of the fireflies. It was a magical time. I think the I am happy to be home though. The boys and I missed Matt and it was time to slide back into our routine, although that needs to wait a bit longer since my mom is visiting for the next two weeks.

I’ll post more about the side trips later as I edit the photo’s, but here are a few from that first week in Michigan.

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