A couple of weekends ago we went to the Oakland Zoo for Amelia’s 3rd Birthday.

We’ve been friends with Eric and Ericka, yes too cute I know, for a LONG time. I was there when the two of them were courting and deciding to get married. They were both in my life when I met Matt and through a long series of complicated yet intensely loving events, we are friends. Close friends.

We even used to live right across the street from each other. We could go on the front porch and wave when someone was leaving for work or tag along if one of us were taking a walk to the park. We miss that convenience for sure. It was really cool.

Amelia and Mason love each other a ton and to watch them play warms my heart. Mason talked about the upcoming birthday party for weeks and it was the first thing he said when he woke up. “Today we get to go to the Zoo for Amelia’s birthday!” basically exploded from his mouth.

I had to bring the camera along to do some of the practicing that I need and love to do. Having a group of my closest friends together with our kids….that’s a photo opportunity if I’ve ever heard of one!

So, here are some of the shots from the day. Some of the people, children I don’t know because they’re friends of friends but everyone was super sweet and it was a lovely day. AND, both sets of grandparents were present making it extra special for the birthday girl.

I hope you enjoy the shots!


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