A Stripe Of Color

Sometimes I feel like it takes FOREVER for me to finish something. Literally months or even years go by that I’ve had an idea, one that I really believe in before it becomes a reality. I try to remember that all good things take time and that sometimes, the world or even just little ol’ me, aren’t ready for them to be real.

One of these thoughts that become things has to do with my albums. I’ve had this idea to add to the cover of a book somehow, someway that would make it unique and beautiful for my clients. I’ve come up with what I want to do but, in true “Laura” fashion, it’s proving to be a bit more difficult to make a reality than originally planned. There’s a ton of planning and research and finding just the right partner to work with on this. But, in the meantime, I shared my idea with Ira from Leather Craftsmen to get some feedback and help with production. I’m so glad that I did because from our conversation and exploration of my original idea, he spun it a bit and came up with something that I just LOVE.

He showed me a sample he had made for another client and I loved it. It was a more simple take on my idea and everyone who knows me knows I love simple! When I needed to create an updated sample album for GB Photographers I had to use this new cover. And, just to push it a bit, I used a beautiful blue leather. I wouldn’t have thought blue for a wedding album but it just worked and is this buttery and soft leather and the blue is deep in color and everyone who’s seen it just loves it.

The added flare that I mentioned above is a stripe of color that is a thick ribbon pressed into the leather from front to back. I chose an ivory/sand color for the ribbon to accent the blue. A color that matched the gown almost perfectly. I am absolutely in love with this new option. And, what a great way to incorporate your accent color from your wedding! You could bind the book in black to be classic and then have the ribbon be your “wedding color”. How chic would that be?!

When I designed the album, since it was a sample, I had free reign of the design. I was able to make it as bold and simple as I wanted. (Thanks Matt and Garrett for trusting me once again!) I love the simplicity of this book. How I was able to leave tons of white space around some of the images so that they just float on the page. This is a true simple and bold design. I have to thank Leather Craftsmen for their, well, craftsmanship. They are truly brilliant at what they do. Their books are just…amazing.

Take a look at a few shots of the album and let me know what you think!

If you’re curious to see the slideshow of the album layout, CLICK HERE.

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