A New Love Of Showering

This will be the first post of a few on Miles. He’s turning 3 in less than a week and I can hardly believe it. He’s growing up and changing so quickly. It’s like his growth spurt isn’t limited to his height but to his understanding and expressions. He makes us laugh ALL the time. He’s a really funny boy and we’re all grateful to be surrounded by his love and good humor.

In his growing up and changing and liking things that he didn’t like, or for that matter liking things that he hasn’t yet experienced, he’s found a new love.


It started with wanting to get in the shower with Matt one morning. That one morning has turned into almost every morning. It doesn’t even matter if he’s taken a bath the night before. In fact, he used to love walking Mason to school in the morning, and still does, to an extent. But, there have been many mornings as of late that he has chosen to take a shower instead of walking to school.

What’s been fun is that I’ve found a new love as well. Photographing these moments. There’s something about the color and the water dripping on the glass. The foggy view of Miles. It’s a way for me to capture how I feel about him. That he’s kind of hard to read, to see. That he’s changing before my eyes. That he’s happy and at peace in that place.

I’m sure there will be more, but for now, here are a few….

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