A Nashville Wedding

I’m sitting over here biting my nails, my toes, anything I can fit into my mouth so that I DON’T blog the Nashville wedding. BUT, I can’t help myself. At least just a little bit from the trip, event.

It was quite the vacation, heading to Nashville from Michigan. Matt, the boys and I drove down in Matt’s mom’s Lexus. The 7.5 hour drive (without children) turned into a 13.5 hour adventure. Yes, more than half a day of the four of us in a car and oh right, a car dealership. Why you might ask? Because after being hit by my car back in 2004 (that’s a story for another day, and no, no one was behind the wheel), I’ve learned to ALWAYS use the emergency break. This is a habit that I struggled long and hard to have my husband pick up and unfortunately, on this particular trip, got us into trouble. Matt’s mom NEVER uses the parking break and after summers and winters of blazing hot and freezing cold temperatures, the line for the e-brake no longer works. We found out the hard way. After using the brake at one of our 247 stops because Mason had a stomach bug arrive while on that drive and Miles decided to be potty trained two days earlier, we felt a strange vibrating from under the car and when we stopped to figure out what happened, the back right tire and rim was so hot we could hardly put our hands near the area.

Luckily there was a Toyota dealership minutes away and after a 2.5 hour pit stop, they had us back on the road with instructions NOT USE THE EMERGENCY BREAK AGAIN. We did have a couple of close calls, a habit is a habit right?! but nothing that took us off the road for a longer duration than expected.

After arriving at the hotel we quickly found the hundred other children under the age of 6 all with the last name of Reoch or some variation due to marriage. Days and nights were spent with family laughing, commiserating about the difficulties of traveling with children, and taking rides up and down the one functioning glass enclosed elevator for the entire hotel that I tried my best to feel safe in even after I was pulled off by my brother-in-law after a large chunk of metal made a “ping” sound and flew off into the air to land in an unknown spot of the courtyard lobby.

The rest of the trip included a walk through a torrential downpour of rain to a bar two nights before the wedding. The wedding party, friends, relatives and even Matt’s mom made the trek. A luncheon for the women of the group which was absolutely lovely, a “gun sling” for all of the guys which I know everyone who attended is anxious to see the photo’s. (Patience, Matt is literally sorting through thousands of images from a number of events and is doing his best to have them live on the web soon.) There were some nights out to dinner including a fabulous rehearsal dinner for everyone to get to know each other and celebrate the coming event. And, of course, the wedding.

Paul and Liz hired GB Photographers to shoot the wedding but since Matt was the best man, Jason came along with Garrett and I have to say they ROCKED it! Matt did photograph some during the trip. He took photo’s at the gunslinging event and of Paul and Liz right after the ceremony and I shot a handful of images during and after the wedding as well. Matt and I did our best to just enjoy ourselves this trip but taking photographs is part of our enjoyment. It’s a little like taking a fish out of water to think that we wouldn’t shoot something while we were there.

I’ll share a few that I took from the day and hold my breath and bite my nails to not include the link to the slideshow. As soon as Matt is ready, I’ll post the link and you can see just how much the crew rocked the show.

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