A Little Update on the Reoch’s

It’s the middle of the day on Monday. Christmas has somehow once again snuck up on me. I told a friend recently that the end of January would be here before we knew it and I think I was right! Once Thanksgiving hits, it’s kind of all over. There’s Christmas or other holidays to celebrate depending on your belief, then New Years and before you know it we’re getting into 2010.

It’s interesting to think that another decade of time has gone by. My being born in 1970 makes those dates even more meaningful. Another decade of time and decade of life and crazy enough, 10 years of knowing my husband. When I was younger I had the experience of months and years taking a long time to pass. I remember being told by my parents and other people how quickly time goes when you’re older and I guess, now, I’m older. No way to deny it. The years are flying by. I can remember being younger and dating someone. 3 months felt like an eternity at times, let alone a year or two. Now, I feel like these past 10 years with Matt are a drop in the bucket. Funny how that works.

It helps that there is much to do. A business to run, presents to make and buy, people to see, trees to trim. Oh, and fish tanks to take care of. 😉 Miles is laying at my feet sucking his thumb. Mason is in the great room with Martyna making Christmas projects. I’m going to blink and they’ll both be different, older. I’m excited to see who they become as much as I’m sad that they won’t be my little one’s anymore. But, no need to go down that road yet.

So, for a brief update on what’s been going on around here: Miles head is much better. The glue patch that’s supposed to fall off like a scab is still stuck on his head from where they glued it back together. I’m hoping this means the scar won’t be so bad. (He cracked his head open a couple of weeks ago. Split it open right where his third eye would be. Gross.) Mason has two loose teeth. The bottom front teeth. He’s planning on saving ALL of his teeth as they fall out so that instead of dolling them out to the Tooth Fairy one at a time for a measley silver dollar each, he can give her the whole mouth full at once and get something REALLY BIG. We’re still checking in to see if the Tooth Fairy is strong enough to carry all of those teeth at once. She is pretty tiny you know! Matt is good, still playing soccer and making music. Still as cute as ever and the best husband a girl could ask for.

And me?! I’m great. Taking time to breath and say my daily affirmations. Kissing my boys whenever I can and appreciating each moment for what it is…amazing. I’m also slowing down. I can feel that winter mindset creeping in. Getting ready to stay in doors on rainy days and sit by the fire whenever possible. I also have a feeling that change is coming. Change for the better. Change in a good way. I think this happens most years. It’s the cycle. The end of something and the beginning of something else. I welcome it this year and can feel a tingle of excitement to see what this new decade will bring.

Oh, and before I forget again, Mason is now a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. I haven’t posted for a bit and he actually got the belt a few weeks ago. Since a post is better with pictures…here is Mr. Yellow Belt.

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