A Little Longer Than I Hoped

Well, I was trying to make a clear break from this blog address to the new one in 2012. But, it’s just not happening. I can’t seem to make the new blog look the way I want, feel the way I want so. for now, I’m sticking to this one.

For now, I’ll say that I feel a little like this rocket. When we were in Tahoe for New Year’s Rick and family had a rocket that said it would fly “100 feet in the air guaranteed!”. There were 4 boys ready to witness this amazing feet and high hopes from the parents. Well, I don’t have a shot of it soaring through the air because it pretty much was a dud. We anticipated a super fun flight and wound up with a puddle on the ground and a disappointed group of adults. I’m not sure the boys were that bothered by the whole incident. The beach was right there and climbing rocks and digging in the sand seemed to make up for any splashed hopes.

When I finally do switch over, I promise you’ll be the first to know!

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