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A Doggie Quinceañera…..It’s A Thing!

Ripley is my 1 year old rescue dog. She’s a Covid puppy and yes, the love of our lives. She turned one in July and I did what I swore I would never do…I bought her a crown and took pictures with her wearing it. I did. And I loved it. How was I to know that I was neglecting her a proper celebration??!! I had no idea! I thought I was going above and beyond. I even made her a special doggie banana and peanut butter ice cream for the occasion. But, now I know, I could have done more.

Ripley was recently invited to a Quinceañera.  Yes, a real Quinceañera for, you guessed it, a dog. Bug is a sweet tiny dog like Ripley. She obviously has a way cooler mom though. Nicole Balin of Ballin PR is awesome. She has a marketing and PR business she runs out of SF. Her home is eye candy everywhere you look, colorful, unique, eclectic, and it all works. I have to say, from the invite to the celebration she went all out. Piñatas, doggie treats, sangria for the humans….it was great. It was outside and I’m happy to say that all of the dogs got along. Considering how many were there and that most of them had never met one another, it was a huge success.

The birthday girl “Bug” was the belle of the ball in her pretty pink dress, hand made by one of the friends of the dog mom. Her little crown was priceless and so stylish. Her mom even “presented” her during the party. Bug was hanging out in “regular clothes” and then, voila, she appeared in her beautiful dress and crown.

Ripley came dressed for the occasion in her pretty gold, ruffle dress. I mean, it’s not every day she’s invited to a Quinceañera. I couldn’t resist and that same lesson keeps showing up as I age. Never say never and never judge or make fun of someone because you never know when you’re going to do that thing you’re laughing at. I swore I would never have a tiny dog and that if I did I would NEVER dress them up. Sigh. It’s just so fun! And to be real, I can remember dressing my schnauzer up in my shorts and t-shirts when I was a kid. I guess some things never change.

One other thing that I learned  that day. Ripley is always up for a party and she’s not very lady like as you can see in the last photo. 😉

Bug turns ONE!
She’s the belle of the ball! It’s her 1st birthday and she’s celebrating in style.

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