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The Writing Mamas & Anne Lamott

My head is fuzzy. It feels like it’s a bit squished between an invisible vice. Not terribly tight but tight enough to make me want to keep my eyes closed. That however, is impossible. How do you tell the little human that is standing beside me with SO much to say to please stop talking. Please let mommy have a minute to herself. Please stop looking so adorable and how on earth can your little voice still sound sweet when all I want is peace and quiet.

After practically bathing in Purell over the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to keep my kids healthy and contract the cold myself. Nice.

I recently, before coming down with this cold, went to an event with a friend, thank you Lisa for purchasing tickets at the last minute, where for the first hour or so different women, mothers, read a story that they had written. The women were all part of a group that meets once or twice a month here in Marin county. Their group is The Writing Mamas. Their stories were nothing short of wonderful and had us in stitches describing sagging breasts, sitting on pee filled toilet tops in the middle of the night and of course, birth.

After they spoke the main speaker of the event took the stage. I’ve heard of her for years. She is quite well known here in Marin for her books, views on life and her recovered alcoholic nature. She is Anne Lamott, a liberal and a believer in Christ. She didn’t have anything prepared and would up just talking about her life for quite a bit. She shared intimate details of her childhood and early adulthood. She shared her thoughts on life and family and her relationship to alcohol.

I’m always amazed when people share from the heart. It connects me to that person even if I don’t know them. It opens my heart a bit more. I’m interested to read one of her books. Lisa purchased two and handed me one to read. She said we would switch when we were finished. Hopefully the fuzziness goes quickly so I can actually read the book!

Well, Miles needs me and I need a pillow. I hope everyone else is feeling well and avoiding being sick. I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow feeling more like myself and less like a throbbing head the size of Texas.

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