Solid Chunk Of Goodness

The first birthday I spent with you, you turned 29. We had been dating for 8 months. I can’t remember the details of where we went or what we did. We probably went out for a nice dinner since that’s what we loved to do. Still love to do, although things like having children and being gluten free have made it a bit more challenging.

This is the 10th birthday that I have the honor of spending with you. I get to celebrate you being here, on this crazy planet, with us, your two boys and me. It’s fun to think back on all of that time. Watching you grow and change and not change. Becoming a husband and a dad. Learning to do the dance of life with me.
You’re a pretty amazing man. I am truly blessed. You are loving and kind. You are funny in ways that I chuckle to think about. Ways that only I get to see which makes them even more special. You are generous with your time and with your heart. You are open to change and to growth. You are passionate about family, our marriage, about me, our boys.
You love the outdoors. Hiking, camping, snowboarding. Playing soccer, swimming in the ocean, surfing. Our boys are so lucky to have an active father like you and sitting outside under the stars with you is one of my favorite things. You are concerned with the food that we eat and have been so instrumental in taking the health of our whole family to a whole new level. You are organized, beyond belief. You have a faith in God that strengthens my faith. You. Are. Amazing.
Today is your birthday. You are a huge contribution to everyone around you and today we get to celebrate you. I love you my darling. With all of my heart and all of my soul.
Someone said, when we first met, that you were a solid chunk of goodness. Through and through. That if you were split in two, you would have two solid chunks of goodness. They were right. Completely.

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