“Life” is Launched on FMN Design.com

I’m so excited to introduce “Life”. This new portal of my site highlights children and family albums. I have a Kiss and an Asuka book as samples and will be adding at least one other sample soon.

I’ve also added a “Sample Album” button to both the “Life” and “Wedding” sites. You can click and see a sample design layout. I have to say I love this feature. If you order a book with Forget Me Not, this is how you will view your layouts. I just love it!

Because I have to share, I used some of the wonderful photographs that my husband Matt took of me for my “About” and “Acquaintance” pages of the site. He’s pretty brilliant making an older 30 something look as nice as he did! Thanks honey. 😉

I hope everyone likes the new site. It’s a nice reminder for myself to capture the moments of my boys lives in the pages of a book. I can get so caught up in putting books together for other people that making our own goes by the wayside.

Have you thought about making a book of your little ones? No? Maybe you should! It could be a nice Mother’s Day gift to yourself or someone in your life. 😉



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