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I ♥ Olive-Route

If you know me at all, you know that I’m all about packaging. Good packaging can make me pick up just about anything. I would check out a hammer if it was packaged in a unique way, or a set of paperclips or even a spatula for that matter. I LOVE packaging.

A couple of days ago a box was delivered to my door and when I opened it my heat skipped a beat. It wasn’t because the packages inside were wrapped in some super cool way or that there was a box that was ornate and beautiful, it was because there were three brown paper wrapped bundles. This is where figuring me out can get a wee bit complicated. I think I get just as excited about plain brown wrapping as I do over crazy, beautiful packages.

I think it’s because anything could be inside. Anything! I remember a Christmas one year that my mom decided to wrap all of the presents in plain paper. All of them were decorated with gold, silver or green ribbons and bows. It was quite the graphic effect. It made Christmas more artful that year and I’ve never forgotten how it all looked under our tree.

So, when I opened the box and pulled out the packages I could hardly wait to open them. I knew right away what they were, my envelopes from Via at Olive-Route Press. I was in need of some new envelopes recently and because I love everything letter pressed, I called Via. Her work is absolutely exquisite and her attention to detail is unmatched. She printed my business cards and thank you cards and now my matching envelopes. I think that if I could letterpress EVERYTHING I would. Can you have a tattoo letter pressed? I would get I ♥ Olive-Route.

Take a look at her craftsmanship. I wish you could just reach in and pick one up!

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