Green becomes Vibrant!

I had the pleasure of having lunch today with Corina Beczner, owner and founder of Vibrant. From consultation to production, Vibrant finds ways to incorporate who you are and the style of wedding you’ve always dreamed about into an eco-friendly event. Corina was engaging from the moment I met her. She’s beautiful and when you’re talking to her she really listens. When we started talking about business, her notebook was out and she started writing everything down. It was evident that she’s a master at the task of organizing. A mutual friend had this to say, “Some people are just too professional to hide it.” So true. If my husband and I ever have a second wedding, I’ll be handing the planning to her for sure. I love what she states on her website, “A Vibrant celebration incorporates the future of your family and the health of the planet, bringing in the true meaning of Sustainability by incorporating generations to come.”

We met at Sol Food in San Rafael and if you’ve never dined there, you MUST go! The food is incredible. Everything I’ve ever tried is amazing. Today I had the Ensalada de Camarones. Oh, so good. 5 Large pan-fried garlic prawns on organic greens with tomato, avocado and a lemon-garlic dressing. The ice tea is served in a large “mason type” jar and is perfectly refreshing. (They cater if you’re having an event and do take out if you’re on the go.)

The reason we had lunch today was because of an exciting new line of albums that I’m offering this year. Yes, you guessed it, “green” wedding albums. It’s exciting to be able to offer a product like this. The books are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled acid-free archival paper. Environmentally sensitive materials such as hemp from conscious suppliers are also used. The entire process is powered by green-e certified wind-power too. How cool is that! And trees are planted with a portion of the proceeds from each book.

Considering we’ve just celebrated Earth Day 2008, I can’t think of a more appropriate time to be working with Vibrant and to be launching this line!

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